Lost & Found








OUTFIT DETAILS : Top( Max Lifestyle), Jeans( Levi’s), Platforms( Miss Benetton London)

They say to find oneself on losing something is worth it. Well, I’d like to edit this statement. Its only when we loose something precious that we find the true self.

Life is a series of constant ups & downs & it will be really unfair if we only feel the up portions of our lives. As they say , ” How will you know how good or bad it tastes unless you have a bite?”. We walk and walk and run to the top. Then walk and fall deep and get up even stronger! Well that’s life.

The only thing that we can do is be positive and love ourselves. There are a lot of people who will try to pull you down. But guess who can make you feel the good and the bad? YOU! Choose wisely and live like you ain’t getting no second chance baby.

Coming onto the outfit, I’ve rather taken a strong move by wearing a bra-let under a see through net top. This is a casual look carries along with a pair of my favorite and comfy jeans. Not to forget the glam part of it, these chunky tan platforms are enough to make it rad.


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