Love for food is the ultimate form of love. At least it holds true in my case. Being a Punjabi, grown up tasting various spices and all sorts of chicken and beverages has set another level of taste buds in my tongue. So I thought why not share my experience of food tasting with different food joints, restaurants and hotels with you.

I’m a huge fan of pizza! Well who’s not? But I don’t have a thing for thin crust pizzas. Recently me & my friends explored this place named QUBITOS CAFE in RAJOURI GARDEN, DELHI. I live in West Delhi & trust me you guys there are a very less number of places for food to be explored & I prefer not going to Rajouri since I’ve this mind set that Rajouri food joints are just for minting money and don’t serve quality. Yeah there is a story behind this mind set but right now lets talk about the yumm food that we ordered at this cafe.

So we ordered BBQ chicken pizza with extra cheese, Chicken spring rolls, LIIT’s & Chicken pao with french fries.

The pizza being thin crust wasn’t something I was sure about but when I  tasted it, I was stunned. With the perfect freshness and juices of BBQ and sauces the chicken and cheese together blended in mouth like the perfect pair ever.

The spring roll wasn’t that crunchy as much was required but then the chicken inside tasted so amazing that the crunch not being there wasn’t an issue for me. It was served with tomato ketchup and another sauce made of soya sauce.

Chicken pao with fries was undoubtedly the best of all. Ah! the image makes me reminisce the perfection with which it was cooked that led to the juice and sauces being amazingly in blend with each other. Trust me you guys, I’m drooling while typing about this piece of heaven and No I ain’t embarrass or ashamed to say it out. And of course LIIT’s were so fine and not at all harsh.

The ambiance along with the music is so amazing. You’ll definitely love it. Its a pocket friendly place with everything you need to hang out with your friends. Its a 8/10 for me!

So what are you waiting for? Plan out your get together or casual hang out here. And do share your experience with me.


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