Playing in Spring (OOTD)




I’m not a huge fan of jumpsuits or play suits. I just don’t find them comfortable enough. Recently I had to attend an event so my best friend suggested me this play suit from her wardrobe (thank god we have same size hahaha). And damn I loved how its fitting turned out.

This play suit is so apt in its name. As you can see in my pictures I was actually loving the outfit and playing around in it. I was wearing my home slippers but later I changed them to my heels.

This play suit is from ONLY. I really recommend you guys to try some clothes from ONLY. Trust me girls, if you don’t like jumpsuits, try ONLY products.



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  1. This playsuit is so cute! Love your outfit ❤

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  2. tbymallano says:

    Looks amazing on you, steal it from her:p
    I just followed you to not miss a thing.
    Love from

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    1. sparklingsil says:

      hahaha ❤ means a lot


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