Couch Revamp

I’ve been working on my bedroom revamping. So I’ve selected some of the interior designs for my bedroom. I thought why not share it with you guys.

So, starting off with one of the most important furniture piece that I think holds special place in my room or for that  matter any girl’s room is a side couch or chair. Remember that one chair or couch which has all the tried clothes or all the mess from our bed when we clear it all up at night for sleep? Yes, that’s actually very important, now you get it.

Why not add glam to the side chair too? Well technically the bedroom or any interior space must be well coordinated in respect of furniture design, colors and textures( to name a few). But black & white , and neutrals go well with most of the colors and textures. My personal preferences are pink, grey, peach and black & white.

These days you’ll get “n” number of varieties in every furniture and you can even customize them. From quilted form texture to pooch bed style couch, you’ve got it all. Some of my personal favorites have been listed above.

I can’t help but my heart digs for polka dots, zebra prints and alternate vertical lines. Glitter and pink, black and white, golden and silver colors… this love is unconditional for sure!

As Rachael Zoe said, ” Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak” , so live in style!


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