It’s always tough to get over things. Especially if the so called things are feelings.Last year, the time this shoot was done was the best time of my life. And now its gone….vanished. Nothing stays forever as they say but you learn from every experience of yours.

There’s something about time, feelings and thoughts that has always fascinated me. I’m the kind of girl who’s always thought too much and I still think too much. Maybe a libran trait hahaha. But definitely I’m a person with emotions hiked all the time in my body. Analyzing the situation properly, how a person is behaving in such way, what would have been his psychology behind this act of his and all those stuff keep coming into my mind. So, its really hard for me to stop thinking.

Well you all must be thinking, is she crazy? What’s she writing? But I wanted to give a little peep in my life and how I am. 2016 was the worst and the best year till now. Lost a lot and gained too. I wasn’t mature until I lost it all. But I really wanna tell you guys who are going through tough times right now that universe has planned something for you and everything is happening for a reason. You’ll get to know the plans in near future and then will be laughing about you worrying so much about a situation like this.

I really wish and pray to God that may 2017 be the most successful and happening year in your lives. All my blessings and good wishes are with you. Will meet next year. And guess what? I’ll be more active on my social medias from now on wards.

Ps : The beauty next to me is a friend and an amazing blogger Sonali Wadhwa



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