Stripping them curves








Crop top : Zara

Skirt & Heels : Forever 21


There must have been some problem with me since my birth because the moment i actually was in my conscious state, say, 7 years old, I’ve seen this world to define skinny as beautiful, elegant and pretty while my body has always been curvy and FAT as they call it. so I guess I’ve been ugly all this while, Right?

I still remember the time I was in 10th standard and there was an annual play in our school. I was part of a dance that time. Yes, dance and ME! So we had our outfit rehearsals and I was so hoping that I fit in that dress. Cause since eternity I’ve been FAT and its struggle for me to fit in the costumes or dresses that brands or school stitched for NORMAL people as they say. And I have always been UGLY and FAT.  I was in the changing room and praying to God that please let me fit in this dress. All my friends were waiting for me in the room to get out and show them how the dress looked on me. As I slipped the bloused on me, to my wonder the waist was perfect. I was so happy, but oh no no no, the arms were struggle. I was in the changing room for more than 15 mins now and I did not want to get out. I was crying and sobbing and blaming myself, hating every inch of my thighs and arms and stomach. Looking in the mirror and piercing my nails into my skin with so much hatred.

Well, that is just one instance. All my life I’ve been hating my body and cribbing about how FAT and UGLY I’m. Until one day, I decided to let go of what people say. Let go of what brands or TV commercials portray as beautiful and change my own definition of beautiful.

Guess what? I do not care what people want to talk about me and my body. FAT is not at negative word. FAT is beautiful. And I’m FAT ❤



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