Black Soul










I see the world with my eyes.

And you know what my eyes see?

I see the world more colorful than myself but then I also see the shallowness of the streets of our metropolitan cities.

I see people looking at me with judgments in their mind. Well yes cause I’m wearing a dress having a length above my knees.

I see them all day everyday. They think I’m a girl with no morals. 

I see the walls painted well. Red, yellow, pink, white and what not?

I see a group of well educated middle aged men.

And I also see them looking down upon girls with eyes full of cruel intentions.

Then I see them looking at me wearing all black. I see them making hand gestures towards me,the meaning of which I’m unaware of.

I see them coming towards me and trying to touch me.

I thought this wasn’t supposed to happen. I thought this must have been some mistake. Maybe I’ve a soul so dark that I’m watching stuff that is dark as well. Cause come on this group of men is well educated.

But then one of them holds me tight and that is when I say it out loud, if this is colorful then I’m better off black!

This post is purely based on the couple of events I’ve been through in recent days. How people are going to judge you on the basis of your clothes and makeup and not on how you actually as a person. Like people who wear covered clothes don’t show off their erection in the metro trains.

I’m not going to change my set of rules and clothes that I wear. Neither should you. Do what you wanna do and wear as you feel like. But definitely never shut your mouth and face the abuse. Get up and speak. People are going to judge you either way.

Dress : Forever New

Heels : Miss Bennetton London


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