Denim desire

(81547) IMG_4549

(81545) IMG_4579

(81535) IMG_4591

(81522) IMG_4589

(81566) IMG_20170311_102652_093



(81534) IMG_4583

(81560) PicsArt_03-11-09.44.50


Denim Shirt : Ajio

Jeggings : Zara

Bralette : Forever 21

There’s a variety of ways in which you can wear a denim shirt. I chose to wear this denim shirt in my own way : Rugged and Raw!

Well this particular denim shirt has a tie and die thing going on with some crazy textures. This shirt describes me so well. From the light and dark patches to the amazing length it has. Its basically a shirt dress that I wore as a shirt and in some pictures you’ll see I’ve worn it as an outerwear.

You can style it the way you want. A casual office day , wear it and don’t button on the lower part and carry it with a pair of trousers or denims or jeggings, as you want. An outing with friends, wear it like an outerwear with shorts or jeggings. And even as a dress.

I hope this post was helpful and you enjoyed it.

PS : A big shoutout to my friend and photographer Mansi Bhaskar .


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